World Canopy Piloting Championships

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Season 2018 at Szymanow Airfield

We would like to invie you to introdue you with our plan for season 2018. That year we will have …


Price list 2018

At Szymanów Airfield, we offer wide range of aviation activities – license training for glider license, tourist plane license with additional entitlements, training for a UL qualification certificate, patrol flights, aviation photography, parachute jumps, passenger flights and hang glider, glider and airplane familiarization flights.

You can rely on our mechanics help in our maintenance organization and for a whole week you can fuel AVGAS 100LL.

Arriving pilots can accommodate at airfield or use Fly&Drive – leave plane on guarded airfield to rent a regular or off-road car for whole day.

Integration party with friends or time spent with family at airfield – you choose.
We can guarantee unforgivable moments.


Airplanes, gliders, UL, parachutes, paragliding... everything you dream about can be found with us

Aeroclub Wrocławski is certified Aviation Training Center
We conduct professional training under the strict supervision of the Civil Aviation Office, with the participation of the best instructors with huge experience confirmed by thousands of hours spent in the air.
Our former students fly today in airlines, they work as disposable pilots, and guard the Polish sky in fighter airplanes.

Join people who have their office high above the ground.

At our airfield you have the opportunity to complete theoretical and practical training to obtain licenses and qualifications certificates:

  • drone operator
  • paraglider pilot
  • ultra light airplane pilot
  • touristic plane PPL or LAPL pilot
  • glider SPL pilot
  • parachute jumper using the AFF method and a rope

The center’s training programs also include:

  • Training on aircraft types used in our center
  • Training flights to VFR NIGHT
  • Training for other qualifications:
    • SEPL
    • Towing
    • Aerobatics

We encourage pilots interested in building a raid to contact – we have attractive prices for packets of hours.

Modern airplanes are available – Tecnam 2008JC, AT-3R100, Cessna 150 and Soccata Rallye.

Flights and training price list

Any information will be provided by Head of Traing: +48 609 463 322
and Training Department instructors: +48 609 463 320

Look at Wroclaw from a new perspective. Discover the cool Lower Silesia!

We’ll take you in the air with the glider, airplane or paraglider.

At our airfield you can also – under the supervision of an instructor – jump in TANDEM with a parachute from 4000 meters!

Familiarization flight (wooden glider, winch start) – 150 zł
Passenger flight (laminate glider, winch start) – 185 zł
Passenger flight (laminate flight, tow-plane start, duration 20-30 min) – 400 zł

We encourage you to look at Wroclaw from a completely different perspective!

Patrolling the area. Photo flights

The airfield in Szymanów is not just sport flying. It is also base for planes carrying out tasks for residents of Lower Silesia.
Listening to the sound of the large biplane airplane engine that flies low over the trees, it is worth remembering that at the controls is experienced pilot. Do not be afraid –
those spectacular flights are very safe and we do them for you so that the mosquitoes do not spoil the rest of the inhabitants on a warm summer evening.

Moreover, as every year, we cooperate with foresters when patrolling forests. Out fuel station allows to quickly refuel firefighting planes. At our airfield, pilots complete the water supply during a fire fight.

You can see more and more from above. Do you want to assess the progress in building your home? Check the accessibility of the plot you intend to buy?
Come to us. We will help you make a good decision.

Photo/patrol flight – Cessna 150                        – 300zł +VAT / 20 min
Photo/patrol flight – Tecnam 2008JC                 – 400zł +VAT / 20 min
Photo/patrol flight – Socata Ralye (3 persons)  – 750zł +VAT / 20 min

Avgas 100 LL - available 24 hours a day

The availability of fuel is a matter of security. We provide it.
You can easily plan your arrival at EPWS.

Car fuel is available at the neighboring station, just 5 minutes away.
At the airfield we sell AVGAS 100 LL fuel.

Fuel prices:

5,97 ZŁ/L – without excise tax *
7,95 ZŁ/L – with excise tax *

PROMOTION Until the end of February from Monday to Friday GREAT PRICES:
5,17 ZŁ/L – without excise tax *
7,15 ZŁ/L – with excise tax *
* To the given net prices, 23% VAT should be added

Refueling is possible throughout the week, also in the afternoon or evening – after prior telephone arrangement +48 609 463 320 or +48 601 727 996.

Payment in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.  We accept Visa and Mastercard cards.

Regular customers can get a card for automatic refueling – 24 h / 7 d
Additional information at number 71 387 87 16


Pilot's houses. Campsite. Camping. FLY & DRIVE

Do you plan to stay in Wrocław?   Do not look for expensive hotels!   Take advantage of the FLY & DRIVE.

Leave your airplane at the airfield, use one of our cars – we have at our disposal classic combi or comfortable off-road car..
Do not be stressed by late returns. Stay at our airfield and take advantage of the simple but neat rooms for the pilot.

Toilets and showers are available on site.

A place in a triple room – 30 zł / person
A place in a double room – 40 zł / person
Single room – 60 zł
A place for a trailer – 35 zł (with connection for electricity, water and toilets) plus 10 zł per person
A place for a tent – 10 zł per person.

In total, we offer 50 camping places with access to electricity, water and free WiFi.
In addition, we have prepared 16 beds for our guests with fresh linen, toilet and showers.
We provide a fenced and secure, guarded area. There is a bar where you can have tasty meal and you will find hot and cold drinks. In the evening you will appreciate the peace and quiet here, while sitting by the fire or barbecue with friends, you can rest from everyday rush. The cordial atmosphere will undoubtedly make you happy to come back to us.

Picnics, team-building events, shows, concerts - have fun with us!

Aeroclub Wrocławski organizes several family events every year

Integrative Children’s Day in June or August Picnic at the airfield – fixed dates in the calendar of thousands of residents of Wrocław and Lower Silesia, regularly arriving at our events

Are you looking for a place for a custom show of your offer?
Would you like to stand out from the monotonous trade fair presentations?
Are you looking for a place for an intimate meeting with clients or maybe a party for your employees?

Give vent to your fantasies. You have just come to people who know exactly what emotions are.

Airfield, EPWS

Szymanów, Poland
Coordinates RWY 14/32 (WGS-84)| 51°12’21.8″N 016°59’54.9″E
Distance from City Market 10km, from city border 2km
Elevation 407ft
Grass surface
Max MTOW 5700kg
Runway 32/14 700m – marked (lights)
Runway 29/11 560m – unmarked
Frequncy 122.800 MHz
Call sign Szymanów RADIO.

Arrival please advice Head of Training +48 609 463 322 or Manager +48 601 727 996
Fueling during the weekend and after 16:00 please contact before arrival. Payment by cash or credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard.
Fuel station manager +48 609 463 320

Service flights +48 609 463 320
Head of Training +48 609 463 321
Parachute jumps (Instructor) +48 609 099 291
Accomodation, car rental and general info +48 512 496 033



Geographical location

51°12’21″ N
16°59’53″ E


MTOW 5700kg
grass, 560m x 100m, RWY 11-29
grass, 700m x 100m, RWY 14-32


122,800 MHz

Weather on airfield




Headquarters: ul.Sienkiewicza 108-110, 50-348 Wrocław
Office: Lotnisko Szymanów, 51-188 Wrocław 49
KRS: 0000027740
NIP: 8961000057
REGON: 930299281

Bank account (Bank BZWBK S.A.)
PLN 23 1090 1522 0000 0000 5201 9096
EUR 60 1090 1522 0000 0001 3214 0333

Call us, write to us, come visit us. We are waiting for contact!



If you want to contact us by mail, telephone or email